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While many Farmington Hills homeowners have had their basements and crawl spaces waterproofed, there is still another risk to your home. Foundations are put at risk because of raised water tables and soil expansion. Water can seep inside your home and cause water damage through the foundation.

In order to protect your Farmington Hills home, StayDry Waterproofing provides a wide array of services, including Foundation Repair. Our top-of-the-line foundation repairs are efficient and quickly resolve any issues with your home. Allow our StayDry heroes to fill you in on the common dangers foundations in Farmington Hills face.

Common Foundation Hazards

Cracks and bowing walls are some of the most common foundations issues. While the midwestern climate is often the cause of these issues, the type of soil your home is built on can also play a role. Soils, such as clay, absorb more moisture than sandy soils. Any alterations in the temperature cause the soil to expand and contract. These movements cause unnecessary stress on your home’s foundation.

As your soil expands and contracts, the changes in pressure cause cracks in your foundation to spread. On to of that, the walls of your foundation begin to bow inwards. These issues are serious and require immediate foundation repair. These repairs will prevent the collapse of your home and any other disasters from occurring.

Foundation Repair Services

The great news for Farmington Residents, StayDry can correct foundation issues. If your foundation has begun to bow, or the cracks are spreading at a concerning rate, we can protect your home with our foundation repair services. Here are some of the services you can utilize for your home:

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