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As a Michigan homeowner, you might be familiar with the challenges the environment creates for your home’s foundation. Weather extremes and frequent precipitation create an environment that can quickly cause damage to your foundation and basement walls. But another factor that often goes unnoticed is the soil beneath your foundation. Certain types of soil can increase the likelihood that you’ll need to have your foundation repaired over time.

If you’re dealing with foundation damage due to the soil beneath your home, then don’t hesitate to call StayDry! Whatever the issues, our heroes can help. If you’re a homeowner in Lansing, keep reading to learn about the different soil types that can affect your home’s foundation.

Foundation Damage in Michigan

With time, even the strongest home foundations require repairs. But the soil beneath your home can make those foundation repair needs more frequent. Sediments like clay, peat and silt will retain moisture and expand, then contract when they dry out, adding a great deal of pressure to the foundation walls. They can cause foundation settling, bowed walls, or foundational cracks.

It’s important to take care of these issues as soon as they appear. Neglecting damage to the foundation of your home can become dangerous, and will lower the equity of your home. You see, regardless of the cause, foundation cracks and bowing walls are quite concerning. The cracks can quickly progress into more serious issues while bowing walls will compromise the structural integrity of your home, putting everyone within your Lansing home at risk. The best way to prevent these issues from occurring is monitoring your basement and addressing any issues upon first sight. So, make sure to call StayDry early on so that we can fix these issues as they arise.

Lansing Foundation Repair with StayDry

No matter the damage to your home foundation, StayDry can fix it! Our heroes have been serving Michigan homeowners for years with our foundational repair and basement waterproofing services. Here are some of the specific services that we offer:

At StayDry® Waterproofing, we have over 100 year of combined experience to give your home the repairs and attention it needs. Our headquarters are based out of Lansing, Michigan and we continue to grow everyday.

We offer homeowners 24/7 services, ensuring that your home gets the help it needs when disaster strikes. When your heater goes out in Michigan’s cold, icy winters it is important that you work with a team that sends their best no matter time of day, or season.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

StayDry® has been partnering with homeowners in the Lansing area for 11 years and has continued to add experts to our team to expand the services we offer to homeowners.We set ourselves apart from the pack by offering more than just repairs.

We are a locally owned business that is dedicated to working with Michigan homeowners. Our mission is to give our clients a tool belt of knowledge on how to best care for their home, and who to call when something goes wrong.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

As a Michigan homeowner, you may encounter foundation issues that are common for the area due to environmental factors. Some of the most common repair calls we get are caused by these issues:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

Luckily, if caught early on, these are easy and affordable repairs. It is important however to work with a professional, as these issues may not be discovered to an untrained eye until a larger issue brings attention to it.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed

When one of our StayDry® professional visits your Lansing home, we make sure that we do the job right. We are dedicated to keeping loyal clientele, and with that we treat you like family.

Being a family owned business we understand the need to listen to our clients, inform them of our decisions and make money smart choices for both your home and your family. We never try to make money off of services that are not truly needed for the safety and well being of your home.

You can read our client testimonials online to see for yourself how the Lansing area feels about our team and services. We help homeowners make informed decisions, as oftentime many issues will go unrepaired due to the notion of saving money, when in reality it costs more to fix when the larger issues surfaces.

Let our team work alongside you to keep and protect your dream home the safest place for your family. You can learn more about our services and rates by scheduling your free estimate today and start working with our dedicated team!

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As mentioned, it’s essential you call StayDry when you notice issues within your Lansing home’s foundation. Whether it’s minor cracks or bowing walls, both problems should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could run into costly and time-consuming repairs.

If your foundation is damaged, don’t hesitate to call StayDry at 800.782.9379 for a free estimate. You can also claim your free estimate here.