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For Mount Clemens residents, the moist Michigan climate is the norm. The area experience heavy snowfall in the winter and humid rainy summers to keep the entire year wet. The excess moisture can put homes at risk. Settling foundations are known to create serious damage to homes through foundation cracks or bowing walls. Unfortunately, Mount Clemens homes could be at risk due to the type of soil their home is built on.

Fortunately, StayDry® Waterproofing is equipped to provide Michigan homeowners with high-quality foundation repair. As a business, we’ve been operating in Michigan for years and know the ins and outs of the services Michigan homes often require. Our experience with the climate and soil put us ahead of the competition. With that said, our StayDry® heroes are here to fill you in on the dangers of foundation settling, cracked foundations, and bowing walls.

Soils Causing Risky Foundation Damage

The type of soil underneath your home plays a huge role in foundation issues. Unfortunately, the type of soil your home is built on isn’t always a factor you can control. Settling foundations are a common issue and they tend to be unavoidable. Different soil types, such as peat, clay, and silt, can hold more water and are then more likely to experience expanding and contracting. The forces caused by these motions cause foundations to crack or walls to bow.

These issues can be prevalent and concerning to Mount Clemens homeowners. The damage caused by foundation settling can be serious and the damage caused could put your home and safety at risk. These hazardous conditions need to be addressed before more structural damage occurs to your home. StayDry® has the necessary services to keep foundation issues from occurring and repair any existing damage.

Mount Clemens Services and Repairs

It is critical to address any foundation issues immediately. StayDry® understands the risks of these types of situations. That’s why we have a number of repair services for Mount Clemens homeowners so they can rest assured that their home is safe from the damage. Here is a look at some of the repairs we have available to homeowners:

Free Estimate On Foundation Repair

It is clear to us that foundation settling can cause concern in Mount Clemens, but our services are designed to effectively address these issues. Homeowners can rest assured that they can get an cracks or bowing walls repaired by StayDry® Waterproofing. We can give your home an audit and provide the necessary repairs to keep your home safe. You can contact us here for a free estimate or give us a call at 1.800.800.7073!