Basement Water Damage

It is far less expensive to take precautionary measures to prevent water damage than it is to repair problems caused by water damage.

Basements are usually the most common areas of a home that become flooded because of the proximity to the water table level, but crawl spaces and other areas of your home can also experience water damage. If you are in need of water damage prevention service, StayDry can help you with the services you need and provide you with the resources to prevent basement flooding in the future.

Lansing MI Basement Waterproofing Solutions

One of the main causes of water damage in the home is poor waterproofing techniques. If water is able to enter any area of the home, the chance of mold growth and structural damage increases exponentially. The best way to prevent water from seeping through cracks is to have a StayDry professional waterproof your home’s basement. Some of the waterproofing solutions we offer are:

French Drain Systems for Michigan– French drain systems can be installed inside or outside your home to help drain water away from the home to prevent water damage. This system uses drain tiles that are placed underneath the surrounding area and are connected to either a sump pump or to a more extensive french drain system.

Michigan Sump Pumps– Sump pumps are one of the most popular ways to move water away from the home with ease. As the water collects in the sump basin, it is pumped out to a dry well or away from the home to prevent water damage.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Michigan– Exterior basement waterproofing is the most costly waterproofing technique because it requires exposing the foundation of the home enough to cover the exterior in waterproof tar and sealant. It is also, however, the most effective waterproofing service we offer.

DIY Basement Waterproofing Solutions

While waterproofing your home is the best water damage prevention technique, it must be done by professionals. There are, however, many simple things you can do yourself to prevent water damage in the home. Some of these do-it-yourself solutions are:

Proper Drainage– One of the best ways to protect your home from water damage is to keep your gutters and exterior drain pipes clear of debris that could allow water to build up. It is also crucial to have the drain pipes positioned correctly so they drain at least 10 feet away from your home.

Dehumidifier– Dehumidifiers might not keep water from entering the home, but they will help prevent mold from growing in damp, dark areas. If there is minor water damage from a small leak, a dehumidifier can help remove the moisture from the affected area.

Sump Pump Maintenance– If you already have a sump pump installed in your home, it is important to properly maintain the functionality of your sump pump for water damage prevention. You should test it regularly to ensure it has not been clogged. If your sump pump is not working properly and your basement floods, water damage can become extensive and require expensive repairs to prevent damaging the structure of your home.

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