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100+ Years of Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Experience

StayDry started out in Lansing, fixing foundations and sealing crawlspaces. Now, we’ve expanded our Michigan locations to the rest of the Pleasant Peninsula state. So whether you’re in Detroit or Traverse City, Kalamazoo or Bay City, our basement waterproofing specialists are here to help.

As you probably know, the Midwest is quite susceptible to heavy downpours and, therefore, flooding—especially here in the Great Lakes region. While Michigan actually receives less annual rainfall than many US cities, we receive twice as much snow per year! In fact, Michigan gets approximately 59 inches of rainfall every year, compared to the US average of 25 inches. That amount of snowfall can be troublesome come spring time. Additionally, since Michigan is surrounded primarily by the Great Lakes, 6% of the state is prone to flooding, including nearly 200,000 buildings.  Between Michigan’s annual snowfall, rainfall, and floodplain, the chance of basement flooding is quite high.

When flooding does occur, your home and basement become vulnerable. Foundations can crack and crawlspaces can be overcome with water, not to mention the damage to your home’s structural integrity. Fortunately, StayDry serves many regions of Michigan. Take a look below to see if we can help you when a flood enters your home.

Our Michigan service page contains a service area map, project highlights and local testimonials.

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