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When it comes to basement floods, there’s a variety of issues and factors that cause such, but the damages are all the same. Whether it’s the result of tie rod holes or snowmelt, water entry in the home can be disastrous. And, considering the typical climate of the midwest, Southgate homes can be quite prone to flooding.

The effects of basement flooding can be both damaging and dangerous, and it almost always results in costly repairs. To save yourself from the expenses and stress of such, it’s important to know the dangers and how they can be prevented. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the dangers of flooding, and how tie rod holes may very well be the cause.

Basement Floods: Common Damages & Dangers

As mentioned, basement floods can present a variety of issues to your Southgate home, namely costly damages and dangerous living conditions—or at the least, unhealthy. For instance, mold growth is a common occurrence after basement floods, as the resulting moisture makes the perfect place for mold. As mold spores spread throughout the home, anyone inside is at risk for respiratory illnesses.

What’s more concerning, however, is the structural damages that can occur. Any water and moisture in the basement will cause the cement walls to flake, crack or even bow inward. Wooden support beams, on the other hand, will begin to rot and attract pests like termites. Needless to say, this can present danger to anyone in the home, and such issues should be addressed right away.

Tie Rod Hole Repair from StayDry®

While there is a range of factors that can result in a basement flood, tie rod holes are a common cause. In some older houses, steel rods would be placed in the concrete foundation as the cement dried. Once removed, tie rod holes remained—which can allow water to seep into your Southgate home. Here at StayDry®, not only can we quickly and effectively repair tie rod holes with high-grade polyurethane, but we can also tackle virtually any cause of the flood—as well as the repairs.

Of course, a flood doesn’t have to occur for us to do our job. We can help you take preventive action and avoid flooding and excessive moisture altogether to keep your home protected. Whether it be sump pump installation or a complete exterior waterproofing, we’ll ensure you’re safe from the damages and dangers floods often present.

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