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Considering the typical climate here in Michigan, our homes are prone to excessive moisture year-round. Moreover, the above-average precipitation often leads to basement floods unless your home is protected from such. Seeing as Eastpointe is no exception to the unruly climate and basement floods, it’s important as a homeowner to know the effects of basement floods, and the common causes. One such cause is tie rod holes, and they can truly wreak havoc on your home.

If you’ve yet to protect your home from basement floods and the damages that accompany them, take a moment to learn more about basement floods and tie rod holes with StayDry® Waterproofing.

Dangers of Tie Rod Holes and Basement Flooding

Depending on when your Eastpointe home was built, tie rod holes may be a serious concern. In some homes, steel rods would be used in setting the foundation, which were removed upon completion. The tie rod holes that remain can allow water to enter the basement and cause quite the damage. Regardless of the cause of basement floods, however, the damages they present call for preventive action.

Whether it’s tie rod holes or another issue, both moisture and complete basement floods can damage your Eastpointe home. For starters, mold growth is a common occurrence after a basement flood, but it can also arise with excessive moisture. As the mold spores spread throughout the home, everyone inside is susceptible to respiratory illnesses.

Furthermore, water and/or moisture in the basement can also compromise the cement walls and wooden support beams throughout, leaving the risk for cracks and even bowing walls. Needless to say, this presents a serious safety risk to you and your home, and should be addressed immediately.

Tie Rod Hole Repair from StayDry®

If you’re home in Eastpointe was built with tie rods, and the holes from such remain, StayDry can help. We’ll repair the holes and ensure no water can seep in, and we can even install a sump pump—should water ever make it into your basement another way. We utilize high-grade polyurethane to fill tie rod holes, and we can do the same with any resulting cement cracks. Of course, we can help you repair and or/prevent damages from basement floods, no matter the cause.

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Whether you’d like to take preventive action or simply need tie rod hole repair, StayDry has you covered. We do things right the first time around to ensure each and every one of our clients and their homes are protected. To get started, give us a call at 800.782.9379 today or request a free estimate.